Rent Out Your Warehouses For Weddings And Earn Additional Revenue

Warehouse Weddings: New And Emerging Trend

Wedding are no longer boring, with each person trying to be unique with their wedding concepts. Many wedding planners give best locations and designs that blend with the personality of the bride and groom. It is important to think about how your wedding theme and your wedding venue can work together to create unique concepts.

Many wedding photographers provide marriage decoration photos as part of their package. How about unique wedding venues? According to choosing such unique locations improve the brand visibility of the wedding planners, as well as guests, feel happy to explore something that was not done before. Also, as a warehouse owner, you get extra revenue.

A Warehouse might sound completely unfit for weddings. However, they provide a raw and urban experience. A Warehouse offers large space with brick walls and beamed ceilings. These are very good alternatives from the traditional wedding venues. You could choose your decoration to be quirky and unique with styling making it look like a new place with full of personality. You could transform them into any way you like by using simple decorative ideas.

By putting some creative ideas to work, you can certainly transform a warehouse into a wedding venue. It might be a little daunting to transform an industrial space to look romantic. It is definitely not impossible.

Since the location is already a warehouse, you can go for a mix of industrial and quirky designs into the decorations to make it look eclectic. Choosing warm colors such as orange, gold, yellow and green the decorations will stand out. You could also go for darker colors for highlights. Create a look that is rugged, fun and inviting. This should be your mantra for planning a warehouse wedding.


Apart from the pretty aspects such as designs and decorations, some of the practical options that you must consider when you go for warehouse are as follows. Many times these warehouses are located in far-off areas from the main city. Therefore, bringing your guests into the place might be a challenge. The buildings you choose might also be dirty. Be prepared to do the extensive cleaning before you can plan your designs. Check with the venue renters if they provide cleaning facility as well before the day you plan to do your decorations.

You might also require heating or cooling equipment inside the warehouse and it might be very difficult to plan since most of the buildings have worn out pipes and a broken down system. Check everything including the windows to see if they open. Check the humidity levels if the windows don’t open, or you can’t close them.

Plan your acoustic arrangements with an expert who understands what is needed for a location such as a warehouse. It is possible that the noise bounces and gets magnified due to the large space within the buildings. Also, you do not want interference from the other buildings or the traffic. For speeches and party, it is important that the audio is extremely clear.

Furniture such as table and chair required for the wedding must also be arranged. Many venues do not provide dedicated furniture. Therefore, think about all these aspects in advance and you are all set to rent your warehouse for weddings.

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