Paul ManzerHi

My name is Paul Manzer, I am a manufacturing consultant by profession and a social media strategist and blogger by passion. I mingle by passion and profession tossing in a reasonable contribution to my inventive capabilities to assist small and medium scale manufacturing entities in their business plans, development and marketing.

I have immense knowledge in this phase that has facilitating me observe the intersection that makes businesses and the results. I never margin myself to the manufacturing circuit alone, with my technological insights and experience, customer and brand experience; I have a broad trading clientele as well. I help corporate brands, firms and individuals in the retails market to get good branding image and reach media publicity in the digital market which is being considered as the necessitate of the hour nowadays.

My skilled area including my popular level understanding and my social connections helped me to encourage, inspire and educate people to make the best use of and get the most output from the global digital marketing. I made a common platform for helping small scale businesses and manufactures through associating both worlds of my expertises. In due course this directed to the inception of Intl Display Ads which presents all the treats for making up the industrial manufacturing. Believing that you enjoyed reading it!

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